How to write your Daycare Mission Statement

Writing a mission statement for your daycare is an important feature. This statement will reflect your goals, what your company stands for, what service you provide, who your targeted clients are, and where you find your clients. This statement is relatively short as it is merely to provide the information for clients to understand who you are as a business and what you stand for and offer.

Keep reading, and I will give you five steps on how to write a daycare mission statement as well as an example.

To write a daycare mission statement, consider these steps:

  1. Determine what your goals are as a child care provider. What does your company do?
  2. How will you accomplish these goals
  3. Why you are in business
  4. Make your statement inspiring
  5. Determine who your targeted clients are. Also, what they are going to want from you as a business and provider for their children.

Now that you have the steps on how it is time to follow the steps and create the perfect mission statement.

How to write your Daycare Mission Statement

What does my company do and what are its goals

This part should be relatively easy. You are a daycare provider. Your objective is to provide safety, attention, education, nourishment, and direct care for your client’s children.

Your goals are to maintain a clean and comfortable environment for the children in your care. You are providing them with all the necessary care of a parent while their parents are away.

Further goals are to be a home away from home, an environment that is rich with culture, diversity, education, and more.

How will you accomplish these goals

This section is where you will outline in detail how you will provide the care that your clients’ child will need.  Some of the items you can incorporate are:

  1. Education

What types of educational resources will you have for each age group? These resources can include things like storytime and ABC’s for Toddlers. As well as essential homework time and assistance for pre-school and elementary school-age children

Other ideas to add are coloring and painting to develop motor skills, educational videos during tv time such as sing-along cartoons and shows that have teaching aids like “Word World” these teach toddlers about words, colors, and friendships

  1. Safety

What safety protocols do you have in place for the children in your care? Do you require ID from individuals to pick up children that are not that child’s parents? Do you use toddler-proof locks on cabinets, drawers, cupboards, etc.? Do the doors lock and if they do what is in place for emergencies such as fires or severe weather?

  1. Nutrition

What types of snacks and meals do you provide, if any? Do you have substitutes in place for children with allergies? Do you require the parents to bring prepared meals?

  1. Attention

How much direct attention will you be providing to each child? A parent wants to know that their child will have the attention they need, even though there are several other children in your care as well.

Why you are in business

In this section, it is essential to let your clients and prospective clients know why you own a daycare center. Potential clients will be looking for the qualities that meet or supersede the dynamics of their own homes.

Make sure your mission statement inspires.

What I mean by this is, to convice prospective clients that your business is the best choice for their children, it is vital to not only include the specific information about you and your business but also show them compassion.

In this section, you can address what drove you to open a daycare center.

For example, was it your love of children, your desire to make the community a better place, or maybe it was to offer a safe place for children at risk? Whatever it is when you put it in writing, it should be compelling and show compassion.

An example of this might be: “I felt compelled to open a daycare center in XYZ, Omaha, because of my dedication to providing children with a safe place that targets each of their individual needs.”

How to write your Daycare Mission Statement

Who are your targeted clients and what will they expect from you as a caregiver for their child

You will not need to include this in your mission statement. Use this as a source for your guide to outlining your business, mission statement, and understanding who your potential clients are.

Will you be searching for a single age group such as toddlers from the age of three to the age of five, or will you be accepting all ages?

A mission statement can be any length, and it will depend on how detailed you want it to be. Most mission statements in my experience have been from 400 to 2000 words. A mission statement is not only a guide for your clients, but it is also a guide for you as a business owner.

Example of a Mission Statement for a Daycare Center

The Mission Statement of ABC Daycare Center is to provide a quality, safe, affordable, educationally enriched environment in the This Town of XYZ, Omaha. ABC Daycare Center values a home-like environment for your children.

We offer scheduled times for play, naps, and meals, this helps your little one develop comprehensive skills and development of schedules, that their small bodies not only need but will start to recognize as habits begin to form from this schedule.

We are proud to offer your children a place where they can learn social, emotional, and child-appropriate motor skills—allowing them to develop at their own pace with the assistance and guidance from staff that supports and understands what each specific child needs. Some of the things we include are:  but not limited to, coloring and painting to develop motor skills, as well as after school assistance with homework for elementary school-age children.

We strive to offer the best care and attention to every child that walks through our doors. We do not discriminate on race, color, religion, or financial status of families. Each child is as valuable as the next.

Offering the most affordable rates in the area is one of our goals. We desire to meet the needs of all children and their families. To do this, we encourage parents to provide lunch daily for their children. We provide snacks as well as juice or milk twice a day. By doing this,  we can keep our prices low but also that your child gets the specific nutrition they need, especially in cases of food allergies or food sensitivities.

We are committed to the children in our daycare, as well as the families and community we serve. Providing support and encouragement through every stage of growth is as important to us as it is to you.

This has been strictly an example of a mission statement for a daycare center. It is not meant to be used in accordance with your business, nor is it intended to be in any way a legal representation of a mission statement.

Mission statements are a means to provide you in writing the qualities and expectations you have for yourself, your business, and your clients. Take your time; write what you feel, what you know about your business, and your goals. It will be the best way for you to make a clear and concise mission statement that will inspire prospective clients to choose your daycare for their children.

How to write your Daycare Mission Statement

Follow Up Questions:

  1. Is a Mission Statement a contract?


A mission statement is a guideline to describe who, what and why your company is in business. It is more of a code of ethics; it is not a legally binding agreement.

  1. Should I include personal information in my mission statement?

It is not necessary to include unnecessary personal information in your mission statement. A mission statement for your business will be completely different then a personal mission statement you may write for yourself.

Keep your business mission statement clear and concise on what your business is, what it has to offer, and why you are in business.

  1. Do I have to have a mission statement to open and run a daycare center?


It is not a legal requirement to have a mission statement to open or run a business. A mission statement or otherwise known as a vision statement or code of ethics is simply a guide for you to run your business successfully.

A business without a mission statement appears to potential clients that they do not know what they are doing, that the company and its owners don’t have any set goals, and that they don’t have a clear plan for their business. Prospective clients may view this as a negative. If you don’t have a clear strategy and clear goals for your business, how can you have these for their children?

Mission statements help businesses stay on track, and they help to remind the owners, employees and teach the clients why they are there and what their goals are, how they plan to reach them, and who will benefit from them.

Please note: This blog post is for educational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Please consult a legal expert to address your specific needs.

Start writing your Mission Statement today, with the help of  our startup course and documents.

How to write your Daycare Mission Statement