The Best Childcare Furniture For Your Daycare

When setting up a daycare center, whether you want it to be a small or large facility, choosing the best furniture should be of utmost importance. What makes a daycare stand out is not just boasting of having the latest amenities that can be offered but the comfort and level of safety it promises the children in its care.

The best furniture should be considered safe, whether it is a crib, cot, mat, table, or chair. It should support the children’s play and learning activities while also meeting their comfort needs.

Why Is Good Furniture So Important?

The Best Childcare Furniture For Your DaycareGood furniture plays a huge role in helping parents to trust in the services available at your daycare. It also contributes to creating an environment that appeals to the children in your care. Placing children in an organized environment helps them to interact with each other and their surroundings. It also provides an avenue for mental growth while also keeping them comfortable and at ease.

To some extent, having quality furniture in your daycare makes it easy to teach children to be independent. Physically, it helps toddlers pull themselves up, stand, and assists them in walking. As a rule, it is important to provide rugs and other soft furnishings and landing surfaces to break the children’s fall as they try to hone their motor skills.

What Should I Look Out For When Shopping for Furniture?

Choosing appropriate furniture can prove to be a considerably difficult task, especially when faced with different choices of materials the furniture is made from. Finding the colors that appeal to the children is equally important.

Before going furniture shopping, it is important to know that safety should be of utmost importance and should be second to none.

The very first factor to consider is how sturdy the furniture is and what it is made of. While glass designs might add a fab air to your daycare theme, it is not safe for kids.
Anything fragile, breakable, or considered potentially dangerous should not have a place in your daycare. Paying attention to this goes a long way in keeping the children in your care safe.

A second important factor is the absence of sharp edges. Activity tables, storage cupboards, or cots with sharp edges are hazardous for children. Furniture with sharp edges could be padded up or altogether avoided. Buy chairs, tables, and cupboards with rounded edges in place of those with sharp ones.

Aim for attractive colors as children react very well to colorful furniture. They perceive these colors better than faint or dull shades and consider them generally more interesting and stimulating.

Overall, daycare furniture should be functional, considered safe, and eco-friendly while also creating an environment that welcomes young learners and stimulates growth. Good furniture should be appropriately sized, sturdy, in good repair, and should be made of materials that would not break or fall over easily.

What is the essential furniture that is necessary to provide a haven for the kids in your care? How do you choose the most appropriate ones?


The Best Childcare Furniture For Your DaycareWhen choosing a table, put height into consideration. Activity tables or snack tables should ‘fit’ the height of the kids intended to use it and the activity intended for. They should be big enough to accommodate at least four children without seeming too crowded. Surface material should be non-toxic, considered safe, and relatively easy to clean to ensure good hygiene.
Tables have various shapes to suit various aesthetic types and use- whether they are meant as an activity table for coloring or feeding. They can be square-shaped, circular, kidney-shaped, or rectangular. Choosing a table style depends on how big space they are meant to occupy and the age of the kids it is meant for.

An example of this is the Kaplan high-quality wooden tables or plastic foldable designs that are specially tailored to meet the needs of children in various age brackets. They come in various shapes and sizes from block tables to shorter tables for toddlers.

When choosing a table style:

      • Determine the purpose of the table and the age group it is meant for.
      • Measure the space to ensure placing the tables in it doesn’t make it too crowded.


Whether they are high chairs for infants, toddler chairs, or activity chairs to sit at tables with, all chairs should encompass the kids in all sense of the word. Child-sized activity chairs should be comfortable, have rungs where feet can be rested on as opposed to having them dangle mid-air. They should be comfortable for their spines and soft in contrast to hard, uncomfortable surfaces.The Best Childcare Furniture For Your Daycare

When choosing chairs, factors worth considering are seat height, type of chair, and, of course, the material the chair is made of.

Chairs should be comfortable enough to promote good sitting posture and encourage the kids to participate in activities. A chair with the right height will make sure a child seated on it has their foot flat on the floor or support rung, has their back straight, and elbows firmly on the table.

Some types of chairs worth their pennies are Kaplan’s chairs available in high-quality wooden or stackable plastic designs. They are available in various heights to suit various age brackets and tailored to suit different needs.

When choosing chairs

      • Ensure to pick the right size and height for the age groups the chairs are intended for.
      • Go for a sturdy make.

Nap Mats

During a day full of activities, it is essential to have a place for the children to rest their heads when they get tired. A nap mat not only keeps the child comfortable but is also easily washable when compared to a mattress or a carpet. It provides a hygienic space for sleep and prevents the spread of germs.

Generally, nap mats are lightweight, portable, and come in the forms such as cots, roll-up mats, or fold-up cushions.

Some factors to consider while choosing mats are the sizes, comfort, and cleaning instructions.

An example of a very good nap mat is the Wildkin Original Nap Mat. This nap mat comes in tons of colors and sizes that will excite toddlers. Its notable features are the presence of a removable pillow to suit the child’s preference and an attached blanket. It rolls up and has attached carrying straps to make storage and movement easier.
It is machine washable and comes in various designs.

The only noticeable disadvantage of this nap mat is the blanket it comes with, which makes it unsuitable for babies under 12 months.

When choosing nap mats

      • Consider the thickness of the nap mat.
      • Make sure the sizes are suitable for the age group of the children and the floor space available.

High Chairs

While activity chairs play a very important role in keeping children busy, it does nothing to help the messy process of feeding children.

Employing the use of high chairs helps to make the process of feeding toddlers and infants less tricky. High chairs should be comfortable and come with straps to assure safety and reduce risks of falls. They are expected to be durable, easy to clean and have the capacity to accommodate a wide age range of toddlers.

An example of this is the Foundation’s trademark Secure Sitter classic wood high chair model that features round-ended edges, dual-action adjustable buckles, and a sturdy no-tip base to help keep children stable and avoid spill-overs. They are stackable and help in saving a lot of space.

This model of the high chair makes feeding a whole lot easier to tolerate. Its only drawback is that it is more expensive than regular plastic sitters. But if you can afford it, it will be worth the investment.

When choosing high chairs

      • Safety is key. Keep your eyes peeled for a crotch-post or harness and a chair without wheels or with wheels that lock in place.
      • Look for functional features like removable trays. This will make cleaning up a whole lot faster and easier.

The Best Childcare Furniture For Your Daycare
Changing Tables

It is essential to have at least one changing table for changing diapers in your daycare. When choosing from the various designs, make sure to pick one that suits your space. An example is a wall-mounted table with built-in sinks for quick clean-ups, attached storage baskets to keep sanitary supplies handy, and/or portable stools to help get the children involved.

Most cleaning tables also come with safety straps which can also be purchased separately if it’s absent. This will ensure safety by preventing the child from falling off the surface of the table. Also, ensure the changing table is designed in a way that puts the storage basket out of reach of children and is sturdy enough to prevent tipping. Surface finishing should be non-toxic and considered safe for babies.

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When choosing the appropriate furniture to start your daycare, it isn’t just about looks although that is equally important. Safety should be your priority. When choosing daycare furniture ensure safety and do not be in a rush or try to settle for less in a bid to save cost.

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How much does it cost to start a daycare?
According to, it costs between $10,000 and $50,000 to start a daycare. The exact amount you need will depend on whether your daycare will be home-based or if you’ll be leasing an external facility.

How much does a daycare owner make?
Daycare owners make an average of $11.79 an hour. This amounts to about $24,530 a year. However, depending on the number of children in your care and where your daycare is based, you can earn as high as $58,000 a year.

Please note: This blog post is for educational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Please consult a legal expert to address your specific needs.

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The Best Childcare Furniture For Your Daycare

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