The Four Best Daycare Staff Scheduling Software

Running a daycare center is hard work. Aside from dealing with parents and children, you also need to plan your menu, develop and implement a curriculum, and clean your daycare. You are also going to have to find time to address the concerns of your staff, and plan a schedule for them. Luckily, several software developers have designed staffing software to lighten your load.


The four best implementations of daycare staffing software are:


While some staffing software is included in all-in-one daycare software, there are also standalone staffing programs that can be used for childcare services. We will take a look at each individual program, and determine whether or that software is right for your daycare center.



The Four Best Daycare Staff Scheduling Software

We have all heard the saying that a business is only as good as its employees. The same can be said for your daycare center. Procare is another example of daycare-centric software that allows you to run your entire facility through one program. What makes this software you need is that they emphasized managing your staffing schedule. The developers at Procare realize that staffing is also critical to enrollment, as parents will base their opinions on the level of care you can provide for their children on how your staff is treated.


Two of the most useful factors of this software are that it allows you to track employee hours and time off, as well as centralizing communication among your daycare staff. Procare also provides you with the ability to schedule vacation time for your employees. By allowing you to manage your staff’s schedule through this easy-to-use software, you are not left scrambling at the last minute to find a replacement for an employee who needs to take some time off. An added bonus of Procare is that you can manage payroll easily by being able to keep an accurate record of your employees.


Unfortunately, there is no pricing information available for this software unless you sign up for a demonstration. To sign up for a demonstration, and to obtain pricing information, visit the Procare website.



The Four Best Daycare Staff Scheduling Software

While you can use this software to manage one daycare location, this program is perfect for childcare facilities that have more than one location. One of the standout features that separates Skedulo from other staff management programs is that it has an algorithm that gives you the ability to place your employees in optimal locations. This is perfect if you have an employee who doesn’t seem to fit in at one center, but you think would work perfectly at another center.


A bonus of this software is that it allows you to see the entire utilization of your staff and keep track of all of your staff’s hours, which may reduce the need for overtime at your daycare. Skedulo also keeps track of absentee patterns of employees and has a feature that can find a temporary employee in case of an emergency. This software also reduces unnecessary paper waste at your daycare, as all of your scheduling needs are taken care of electronically.


Skedulo is also available as a mobile application on both Android and iPhone. You can book a demonstration and get pricing information on the Skedulo website.



The Four Best Daycare Staff Scheduling Software

The feature that stands out most for Shiftboard is its ability to make schedule recommendations based on prior scheduling habits. This software also helps you to adhere to labor laws and regulations by ensuring that your daycare complies with labor, union, and industry regulations. Shiftboard also states that this software is designed to keep up with the most grueling and demanding scheduling needs.


ScheduleFlex is a valuable tool in the Shiftboard software suite. Programs and accommodate your scheduling needs, barring you do not have any strict rules or regulations that govern your daycare center’s scheduling. It also takes into account the needs of your staff, generating worker-friendly schedules. SchedulePro is another branch of the Shiftboard software suite that accommodates more rigorous and demanding schedules that must adhere to specific labor laws and regulations.


To download Shiftboard, you can request a demonstration on the official website.



The Four Best Daycare Staff Scheduling Software

This software is tailor-made for small businesses oh, such as your daycare center. TimeSimplicity is packed with useful features like shift trading. There is also a self-service portal available, complete with schedules, reminders, and shift trade boards. This software also helps you to eliminate any unnecessary overtime by enforcing maximum hours, and also ensures that your daycare center is adhering to all labor laws and regulations. One of the most underrated features of this program is that it eliminates duplicate clock punches to avoid any confusion.


One feature that you will love as a daycare center director is that TimeSimplicity notifies you when an employee is late or misses a shift. While you may be on-site at your daycare center a majority of the time, there will be times when you will not be able to be at your daycare. It’s nice to know that this program will notify you if an employee does not show up for their scheduled shift. You could say that this software provides you with one additional feature, which is peace of mind.


For pricing information and a demonstration, visit the TimeSimplicity website.


Learn about Free Apps for daycare providers.



In conclusion, there are several staffing programs that you can use for your daycare center. However, Procare stands out as the best all-around daycare software, because of its versatility. Skedulo gives you the ability to manage multiple locations at once. This software can also find you a replacement if an emergency arises, like one of your employees calling in sick. TimeSimplicity is quite possibly the most feature-packed software suite of the bunch, allowing shift trades and enforcing a maximum hours policy. It also avoids double clock punches and notifies you when an employee is either late or misses a shift. Any of these software suites should be able to accommodate all of your staffing needs. You just need to find the one that is the perfect fit for you and your daycare center.


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