Why you should open a Daycare

Opening a daycare is a great business, many new families need daycare services and it’s a great change to have in your life. Maybe you have been working in a boring office for too long. Kids are the complete opposite of boring! Maybe you are content and happy with your life, and just want something new, or maybe you just have a passion for kids. Either way, a child day-care would be a great solution. It doesn’t have to be big but has the potential to be if wanted.

You should open your own daycare because, for one, you are your own boss. You also get to choose whether you want to use your house for a home-based daycare or having a commercial center-based daycare. By owning a daycare, you also get to help kids develop social skills that they’ll carry for the rest of their lives, along with building their immune system and helping them with fighting off sickness in the future. Not to mention, there aren’t a lot of requirements and regulations to get started. Last but not least, it will always be in high demand! So, as you can see, there are many reasons why you should start a daycare!

Why you should open a Daycare

Build kids’ immune systems

We all know kids are kind of gross. They are just learning what hygiene is and they definitely don’t practice good hygiene. That being said, kids coming in contact with each other means they are also coming in contact with a lot of germs. This is good for them, as it will build their immune systems and help with decreasing the likelihood of getting sick in the future. This is always a good thing, especially when starting elementary and moving up to middle school and high school. Missing a week of school isn’t very ideal since so much is learned within one day.

Help kids develop social skills

Have you ever been talking to a kid and they know what they want to say but not how to say it? Or how about a kid that knows what they want to say and knows exactly how to put it into words? The difference between these two types of kids is their social skills. Many studies prove that developing social skills at a younger age will help one do well in life. From doing perfect presentations to nailing an interview and leaving the interviewer astonished, with how they handled themselves and their speech.

They start learning how to communicate and hold themselves sooner, helping with confidence, especially during times when others don’t have the skill. Helping their confidence boost even more for the future. The common denominator is less anxiety and more confidence. I mean I definitely see it, kids that are told they’re advanced for their age, keep striving to keep that image and aspire to do better.

More time with your own kids

Many working parents don’t get the time they’d like to have with their kids. This is hard on some people, yet others like the time away from their kids. However, a lot of careers don’t allow people to have more time with their kids, BUT this one does. Again, a perk of owning your own business, being your own boss. It’s still a choice for you to make though, so if you don’t feel like you want more time with your kids because you already get plenty enough, then you don’t have to.

Always going to be in high demand

Parents have to work to put food on the table, clothes on their kids’ backs, pay the bills, and so on. Meaning, this will always be a business that can flourish.

Why you should open a Daycare

Can choose whether it is home-based or center-based

You get to pick which environment you’d like to start your business in, home-based or center-based? There are some minor differences and the best one for you will be determined by you and what your plan is. Keep in mind you can always change it if you change your mind. To decide which one, questions to ask yourself are:

  • How many kids am I starting out with? Or how many kids am I planning on starting out with?
  • Can this amount of kids fit in my home?
  • Am I certified or licensed? If not, what do I need to do to become certified?
  • Do I plan on selling?
  • Am I going to be available all day or only part of the day? How many days a week?
  • Does my house meet health regulations and safety precautions? (This is also the same with a traditional daycare building)

Now that you’ve had some time to think about these questions and maybe what you’d like to start with let’s talk about the benefits each option gives you. There are a lot of similar benefits between the two, but the best ones are being your own boss and the benefit of improving your emotional health. This is simply because you’re witnessing milestones in these kids’ lives, which is exciting for anybody!  Not to mention, kids laugh a lot (and if you haven’t heard, laughing is contagious). Kids are goofy, fun, and positive, what’s better to be around than that?

Your decision really comes down to your preference for how many kids you want to watch, whether you want to use your own house as a daycare, the hours you’re willing to put in, and if you plan on selling one day. If you’re wanting to start a home-based daycare but plan on selling in the future, you have to keep in mind that you’ll only be able to sell the utilities such as toys, learning materials and supplies used for the daycare, you wouldn’t be selling your house. For a center commercial based daycare, you would be able to sell the utilities, and the building or lease along with it.

  • If you’re thinking about starting up a home-based daycare, a benefit you’re looking at includes being able to get things done around the house while working. Not only do you benefit from this, but the kids can by learning responsibilities and companionship. There are life lessons doing everyday things, you just have to find them and portray them. Next, you can receive tax benefits. This will come from paid expenses such as rent and utilities, which in this case, would be deducted as business expenses. This will be determined by the time put into using your home for daycare purposes, along with the square footage used.
  • If you’re looking to get out of your house for work, then a center-based daycare would more than likely be best. With a center-based daycare, you can sell your business with ease. The best of all though would have to be that you won’t be cleaning your house constantly. You wouldn’t have to be cleaning up after your family AND the kids. This would definitely be the best benefit for those who don’t like cleaning multiple times a day. Others may think that being able to qualify for a grant is the best benefit, which you can do if enough kids are enrolled in your daycare.

There aren’t too many requirements (regulations/certifications)

As far as education goes, one should maintain a high school diploma or at least a GED. One would also need to be educated and trained on first aid and CPR certification. The obvious MUST is, the place of business would need to pass inspection, such as fire inspections.  When it comes to regulations and certifications, it varies within states. Other important regulations may include zoning laws, and following proper safety codes, along with health regulations. Safety codes will include that there are emergency exits, the place is clean, and repairs are done. It is all for the safety of the kids and their lives’. Health regulations will be that everybody is up to date on immunizations, making sure hands are staying washed, even the kids getting the right nutrition.

As you can see, there are many reasons you should start a daycare business, but the most important thing of all is that you are able to help the little ones turn into the ‘big kids’ they want to be. You get to help guide them in the direction they need to go in. You get to witness their milestones, which is something special. So, if you love kids, start up a daycare and start welcoming them into the real world… They need somebody to care just as much about them succeeding and doing well as their parents.

Why you should open a Daycare

Related Questions:

  1. What are zoning laws?

Zoning laws dictate what can and can’t be done with property. You would have to research and see if it’s legal to run your daycare in your area of choice. This is a preventative measure to keep businesses from invading residential neighborhoods.

  1. How do I get first aid and CPR certified?

The red cross offers online programs to get certified in both first aid and CPR. You can access these programs here.

There are plenty of other organizations that will help you with your certifications.

  1. How long do my certifications last?

Your certifications will last 2 years then you will have to renew them.

Please note: This blog post is for educational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Please consult a legal expert to address your specific needs.

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Why you should open a Daycare

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