7 Best Montessori Classroom Activities

7 Best Montessori Classroom Activities

Having your daycare center be safe and providing the basics like sanitation, food, educational activities and qualified staff are the bare minimum requirements to running a daycare center of any kind. If you’re marketing your daycare center as a Montessori daycare, parents will be expecting a lot of stimulating activities to justify the additional expense. … Read more

Should A Daycare Center Have Cameras?

Should a Daycare Center Have Cameras?

Starting a daycare center is the perfect opportunity to earn a living while providing a service to parents who desperately need your help. If you are opening a daycare center, there are several things that you must take into account. The most important factor to consider is the safety of the children in your care. … Read more

Preschool vs. Daycare: Are they the same?

Preschool vs Daycare Are they the Same?

Do you have children and are considering enrolling them in a program? Are you inundated with questions regarding what is best for your children? Tired of asking questions in your online mom group and receiving nothing but contradicting answers? Preschool vs. Daycare: Are they the same? Though the words preschool and daycare seem to be … Read more

Kindergarten Promotion Ideas for Increased Enrollment

Kindergarten Promotion Ideas for Increased Enrollment

Working with children is a rewarding experience. Daycare and childcare businesses are an integral part of many families’ lives. Reliance on before school, after school, and summer programs is necessary for working parents. Increasing enrollment in your kindergarten childcare programs starts with developing a focused vision. Steps to support your vision should include high-quality programs … Read more

How To Set Up A Montessori School

How to Setup a Montessori School

In 1911, Dr. Maria Montessori introduced her unique concept of education to the United States. Doctor Montessori believes that children would become better students and more well-rounded people through stability and by learning at their own pace. She founded learning institutions, which are known as Montessori schools. These educational institutions emphasize the individual student, rather … Read more

How to Run a Successful In-Home Daycare

How to Run a Successful Home Daycare

More parents today are deciding to stay at home with their children. And many are choosing to open in-home daycares for additional income. If you’ve thought about opening up your own home daycare, there are a few steps you should follow in order to be successful. In order to run a successful in-home daycare, before … Read more

How To Prepare Babies For Daycare 

How To Prepare Babies For Daycare 

We are living in a time where there are more working parents than ever. Many parents use daycare centers as a way to ensure that their children are well cared for while they work to provide a living for their families. Now more than ever, daycares are seeing an astonishing number of infants enrolled in … Read more

How To Get A Grant For Daycare Equipment 

How to Get a Grant for Daycare Equipment

One reason why daycare centers are experiencing steady growth over the last five years is that the startup cost of roughly $50,000 is relatively low. However, if your center is going to have the modern technical equipment and outside playground equipment that most new childcare facilities have, these startup costs will be substantially higher. There … Read more