Best Daycare Arts and Crafts Supplies

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When it comes to running a daycare, providing engaging and creative activities for the little ones is key. I’ve learned over the years that some arts and crafts items always make me smile and think of new ideas. You will find my top picks for the best arts and crafts tools for daycare in this in-depth guide. These items are essentials in my center.

I recommend incorporating a variety of materials such as paints, markers, and glitter glue into daycare arts and crafts activities to foster creativity, skill development, and safety awareness in children.

  • Creativity Boosters: Best daycare arts and crafts supplies offer a diverse range of materials like paints, markers, and glitter glue, sparking creativity and imagination in children.
  • Skill Sharpeners: Engaging in art projects with quality supplies aids in the development of fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving abilities in young learners.
  • Educational Gems: These supplies provide educational benefits by facilitating learning through play, and teaching children about colors, shapes, and textures while encouraging self-expression and confidence-building.
  • Investment: While quality supplies may come at a higher cost, they provide long-term value by offering safer, more enjoyable experiences and fostering a love for creativity in children.
  • Safety First: Careful selection of age-appropriate materials and supervision during creative activities are essential to ensure the safety of children and prevent accidents or injuries.

Crayola Washable Paint Set

The Crayola Washable Paint Set has been so helpful in my daycare that I can’t even begin to explain it. It’s great for messy but beautiful art projects because it comes in bright colors and is easy to clean up. This set makes the kids very happy every time I show it to them. Also, as a daycare worker, it makes me feel better to know that the paint is easy to clean off of clothes and skin. No more worries about stains that won’t come out or skin irritations! The kids enjoy trying out different colors and making art projects, and I love how easy it is to clean up after them with this reliable paint set.

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Assorted Construction Paper

Next on my list of must-have arts and crafts items for daycare are different kinds of construction paper. With this flexible material, you can make anything from simple pieces to complex collages. I always make sure to have a lot of different colors on hand so that every child can use their imagination. It doesn’t matter if they’re making a rainbow or a house out of paper—the bright colors always get kids thinking creatively. Watching the kids work hard on their projects makes me miss the fun of being a kid and exploring. I see their thoughts come to life in bright colors on every piece of paper they turn in. This makes every moment at the daycare full of joy and wonder.

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Pipe Cleaners Craft Kit

There has to be a Pipe Cleaners Craft Kit in my daycare so that kids can use their imaginations and improve their fine motor skills. I’ve seen for myself how these little flexible miracles inspire kids of all ages to be creative. The options are as endless as the kids’ imaginations. They can make anything from fuzzy creatures to art that they can wear. They often amaze me with the complicated things they can make out of just a few pipe cleaners. Seeing the pride on their faces as they happily show off the things they made themselves is truly priceless. Pipe cleaners are also great for little hands because they are soft and easy to work with. They are always in the crafting room at my daycare.

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Washable Markers Set

When it comes to arts and games, no daycare is complete without a set of washable markers. It was hard for me to learn that regular pens can make wall art and clothes stained by accident. Just for that reason, I swear by washable pens, especially ones with bright colors that kids will love. These markers let kids express themselves without making a mess, whether they’re drawing on paper or decorating things made out of cardboard. As someone who likes things to be clean and organized, the fact that these markers are so easy to clean off of fabrics and surfaces is a lifesaver. Because washable pens are so easy to clean up, I can let the kids be creative without worrying about what they’ll make.

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Assorted Glitter Glue Set

A set of different glitter glues is the last thing on my list of the best arts and crafts tools for everyday use. It’s not arts and crafts without some sparkle, right? For some reason, adding glitter glue to our projects makes them look completely different right away. The kids always enjoy the magic of glitter, whether they’re adding sparkle to cards they made themselves or adding a little sparkle to their art. Also, as someone who believes in the power of imagination, I love seeing how a little glitter can make their work stand out. The squeeze bottles also make it easy for the kids to add glitter touches to their projects without making a mess. It’s the best way to finish off any arts and crafts project.

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  1. Enhanced Creativity: The best daycare arts and crafts supplies provide a wide range of materials that stimulate creativity and imagination in children. With access to diverse options like paints, markers, and glitter glue, kids can express themselves freely and explore their artistic talents.
  2. Skill Development: Quality arts and crafts supplies help children develop essential skills such as fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving abilities. Engaging in creative activities like cutting, coloring, and crafting fosters the development of these skills in a fun and interactive way.
  3. Educational Value: Many arts and crafts supplies offer educational benefits by promoting learning through play. For example, children can learn about colors, shapes, and textures while engaging in art projects. Additionally, creative activities encourage self-expression and confidence-building, which are important aspects of a child’s development.


  1. Cost: Investing in the best daycare arts and crafts supplies can be expensive, especially for daycare centers or parents on a tight budget. Quality materials often come with a higher price tag, which may limit access for some families or organizations.
  2. Messiness: Engaging in arts and crafts activities can be messy, requiring careful supervision and cleanup afterward. Paints, glue, and other materials may spill or splatter, leading to potential messes that need to be addressed promptly.
  3. Safety Concerns: Some arts and crafts supplies may pose safety risks to young children if not used properly. For example, small parts like beads or sharp tools could present choking hazards or cause injuries if mishandled. It’s essential for caregivers to carefully select age-appropriate materials and supervise children during creative activities to ensure their safety.


I’ve learned that picking out the best arts and crafts tools for daycare is important for encouraging kids to be creative and use their imaginations. By trying out different choices like the Crayola Washable Paint Set, Assorted Construction Paper, Pipe Cleaners Craft Kit, Washable Markers Set, and Assorted Glitter Glue Set, I’ve seen for myself how these things can help a child grow. All of these things have helped me realize how important it is to give kids the art supplies they need to express themselves honestly.

From my point of view, having a lot of different tools makes it easier for kids like mine to feel free to explore, try new things, and make things. As a parent or caretaker, I’ve learned that spending money on high-quality materials not only makes things better but also makes it possible to play and learn for hours on end. When kids have the right art supplies, they can let their imaginations run wild and go on exciting artistic experiences. In the end, my experience has taught me that the best arts and crafts tools for daycare let our kids be creative and explore all of their options.

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