Should A Daycare Center Have Cameras?

Starting a daycare center is the perfect opportunity to earn a living while providing a service to parents who desperately need your help. If you are opening a daycare center, there are several things that you must take into account. The most important factor to consider is the safety of the children in your care. So, what can you do to make sure that the children are protected?

Yes, a daycare center should have cameras. A camera system is the best possible solution to ensure that the children in your care are protected. They can also be an effective tool to document the day-to-day operations of your center, while also keeping your staff safe and honest. Camera systems will provide the children’s parents with the peace of mind of knowing that their children are in a secure and well-run daycare.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the reasons for installing a camera system in your daycare center. We will examine how a camera system can be an asset in the protection of both the children you care for, their parents, and your employees.

How Do I Protect the Children In My Care?

Should a Daycare Center Have Cameras?Most daycare centers have the best interest of the children in mind. However, there are unfortunate incidents that happen. According to the website Darkness To Light, 2,237 daycare providers were found to be abusing and neglecting the children in their care. Of these instances, over 20 percent were reported to be sexual abuse. Installing a camera system in your center is the most effective method of keeping these children safe.

While there have been several instances of abuse in daycare centers reported, this is not the only reason to install a camera system in your daycare. According to a study published by Child Care Aware, 1,362 fatalities occurred in daycare centers from 1985 – 2003. Several injuries can happen while you are caring for these children. The same study indicated that the injury rate in daycare centers was 6 and 4 for every 2,000 childcare hours, which is equivalent to one year of child care. That’s an astonishing number of incidents!


How Can I Protect My Staff?

Should a Daycare Center Have Cameras?The children who attend your daycare are not the only people whose well-being and safety need to be protected. If an incident occurs at your daycare center where a child happens to get hurt, having a camera system in place will provide video documentation of the incident. Let’s face it. Children can, and will, do things that they are not supposed to be doing. Having the ability to absolve your employees from any wrongdoing would be especially beneficial if there are legal repercussions for any accidents or injuries that may occur on your watch.

There may also be occasions in which a child may give a parent false information. This could be an instance in which your daycare’s reputation, as well as your reputation, could be at stake. Wouldn’t you prefer to have the capability to prove or disprove any claims made against your daycare center; your staff; the other children in your care, or even yourself? This is another circumstance where having a camera system installed in your daycare center would benefit you and everyone that is involved with your center.


How Can I Keep My Staff Honest?

Should a Daycare Center Have Cameras?Having a camera system installed in your daycare will help to keep your employees honest. When hiring your staff, you would like to think that you have selected the best and most qualified people for the job. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. You may have a situation in which you suspect an employee is involved in some wrongdoing, and you may be forced to terminate that employee. Having cameras on-site may provide you with the evidence you need to avoid a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Wrongful termination lawsuits are just one of the reasons to install a camera system in your daycare. There could also be situations that arise when employees have disagreements. These disagreements sometimes have the potential to become volatile. If the situation arises in your daycare where members of your staff are making claims against each other, you can always review the camera footage to see exactly what happened. While it may be unfortunate that this is one of the reasons to install cameras at your daycare, it is also a legitimate concern.

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How Does a Camera System Benefit Parents?

Should a Daycare Center Have Cameras?Besides keeping the children in your daycare safe, having a camera system will also benefit their parents. I have always heard that you cannot put a price on having peace of mind. This is especially true when it concerns children. Parents leave their children at your center, knowing that you are going to provide them with the best care possible. These parents may be able to relax and breathe a little easier, knowing that you have cameras installed in your center. You never know. Having a camera system may be the difference between a parent enrolling their children, or going somewhere else.


How Does Having a Camera System Benefit Me?

Should a Daycare Center Have Cameras?Last, but certainly not least, having a camera system in your daycare center will benefit you as an owner. As I previously stated, having a camera system in your daycare center can set you apart from other daycares. This may be the difference between a parent enrolling their child, or enrolling them in a different daycare. Camera systems also benefit you by allowing you to rest easy at night, knowing that your center is being monitored twenty-four hours a day. Camera systems may not prevent things from happening, but they can certainly make life a little easier if they do.



In conclusion, we have examined several reasons that would justify installing a camera system in your daycare center. The most important reason that you should install cameras in your daycare is for the safety and well-being of the children in your care. When you decided to open a daycare, you decided to keep the children you care for safe and happy. Installing cameras in your center is the most effective way to accomplish this. Cameras will also provide parents with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their children are being carefully monitored at all times.

Cameras can also protect your staff, and keep them honest if the situation arises. If there is an incident that arises in which a child is injured, wouldn’t it be nice to have it documented on video? This could help to absolve an employee of any wrongdoing, as well as serve as a valuable tool for legal purposes. If there is a dispute between employees, having a camera system installed in your sensor would be a great way for you to determine exactly what happened.


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What are the best camera systems for daycare centers? There are many options you can choose from if you want to install a camera system in your daycare center. The website Camera Security Now states that the best cameras for daycare are fisheye cameras. This is because fisheye cameras allow daycare owners to keep an eye on their entire center with a minimal amount of cameras. 1 fisheye camera and monitor anywhere from 180° to 360° field of view.


Please note: This blog post is for educational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Please consult a legal expert to address your specific needs.

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